How to sum numbers in arrays in php?

In php, how do I get the total number of posts (16)?

array1("posts" => 2, "reactions" => 0)

array2("posts" => 4, "reactions" => 4)

array3("posts" => 7, "reactions" => 0)

array4("posts" => 3, "reactions" => 1)


You can use this function array_merge_recursive And I made an example for you

$a = array("posts" => 2, "reactions" => 0);
$b = array("posts" => 4, "reactions" => 4);
$c = array("posts" => 7, "reactions" => 0);
$d = array("posts" => 3, "reactions" => 1);
$array = array_merge_recursive($a,$b,$c,$d); 
$sum = array_sum($array['posts']); 
echo $sum; 

If you want to read more about array_merge_recursive

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