Send values to back Javascript with json and .post

All, I have the following code:

$.post("save.php", {rate: value, vendor: vendor_id}, function(results)
}, "json");

I get the data and do some updates to the database. When I'm done I'd like to pass back $var1, $var2. Then parse those values and put them into a div. How can I send these values back so I can access them in something like:


Then I can put that value of var1 into a div. Thanks for the help!


You would create an associative array holding your data, turn it into JSON and return it:

$data = array('var_one' => $var1, 'var_two' => $var2);
$jsonData = json_encode($data);
echo $jsonData;

You can read about manipulating elements with jQuery to learn about inputting the data into your HTML.

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