jquery, how to get URL GET variables in javascript?

i have a link:

<a href="?
processor=<?php echo $value['processor']; ?>&
auth_code=<?php echo $value['auth_code']; ?>
" id="buttonDetails">View Detail</a>

and a function:

function getUrlVars(parsedUrl) {
var vars = {};
        function(m, key, value) {
            vars[key] = value;
return vars;

what i am doing is passing the link to this function;

var url = $('#buttonDetails').attr('href'); // "?processor=25&auth_code=12"
var first = getUrlVars(url);
alert (first );

this alert will give me [object Object]

any ideas what i am doing wrong?

edit: another way would be to:

var first = getUrlVars()["processor"];

but this doesn't work as well


the links are created in a php loop:

foreach($test as Value){
 // here is the link being created and the result is more links.

also i changed the id to class for the link.

and i'm doing:

var parsed = getUrlVars($(this).attr('href'));


this will give me undefined

this console.log(parsed); will give me multiple objects with the data inside them. but when i try to get some specifics from inside the object i get undefined

why would this not work?

thanks again


In this example:

var url = $('#buttonDetails').attr('href'); // "?processor=25&auth_code=12"
var first = getUrlVars(url);
alert (first );

The reason the alert gives you [object Object] is because that's what first is:

    auth_code: "12"
    processor: "25"

Your second example doesn't work because you are not passing a value to the getUrlVars function. Try this:

var url = $('#buttonDetails').attr('href'), // "?processor=25&auth_code=12"
    parsed = getUrlVars(url);


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