UITableView in a UIScrollView - How to make the view scroll, but not the TableView in itself?

Imagine, there is a UIViewController with a UIScrollView in it. At the top of the view there is an UIImageView, some UILabels and other things. Furthermore, there is a UITableView which content is Dynamic Prototypes. I attach a picture to make it clear:

I haven't got a static amount of cells in the UITableView so it could be scrollable. My problem is the following: the UITableView scrolls in itself but I want to scroll the whole View. What is the best possibility to do that?

Possible solutions I've founded today

1) The first thing is: I create a UITableViewController and declare a header section in which I include all my labels, images etc. programmatically (I would love to use the interface builder for that...)

2) Another solution is to calculate the height of the view. I tried the best to do it like this way - but: without success. If this is the best way to do that: Can anybody give an example?


I would ditch the UIScrollView and just use a UITableView. You can add a UIView object as the tableHeaderView of the UITableView just by dragging it in in Interface Builder. Now since everything is part of the UITableView hierarchy, everything will scroll together as expected.

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