Exporting C++ code as a DLL and import using C#?

I have a program written in C++ with a main function that calls a bunch of other C++ classes/functions.

I am new to C++ (been a python programmer), so I'm wondering - What are the steps I need to follow to be able to export this as a DLL that is importable from a C# program? Any suggestions?


If you want your C++ classes to be usable in a C# application you will need to use COM or target the CLR in your C++ program (i.e., use C++/CLI).

If you simply have some functions in the C++ DLL that you want to call from C# that take POD type arguments then declare each function as extern "C" to avoid name mangling and use the DLLImport attribute to import the function. PInvoke.net is a great resource here.

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