Affecting a UINavigationBar's Back Button Method (iOS)

I have a table view that pushes to a detail view controller. From the detail view controller, when I press the 'back' button, I'd like an integer value to change. How do I edit the navigation bar back button's action programatically. The back button is automatically placed in my app because I'm using a table view so I didn't actually create the button, so I don't know how to affect it's method.

To be clear, I still want the back button to go back to the original view, but simultaneously change an integer's value. Thanks!


Thanks PengOne to point me to this direction. Add the UINavigationBarDelegate in the header file and use this in the .m file:

- (BOOL)navigationBar:(UINavigationBar *)navigationBar shouldPopItem:(UINavigationItem     *)item
  //insert your back button handling logic here
  // let the pop happen
  return YES;

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