Excel - Advanced Text Filters

I have a long list of strings:

"apple is red"
"apple is big"
"apple tastes yummy"
"lemon is yellow"
"lemon is big"
"lemon tastes sour"
"orange is rotten"
"watermelon is red"

Now I want to create a short list of filter words (way more than just 2) like:


I need an Excel fitler that can return the rows or records that DOES NOT have the words from the filter. Result should be:

"apple tastes yummy"
"lemon is yellow"
"lemon tastes sour"
"orange is rotten"

I would greatly appreciate your ideas! I hope I can do it without using VBA.


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You could use a simple working column formula and then filter the TRUE results


  1. your strings were in column A
  2. your list is in B1:B10

then in C1 array enter (by pressing Shift & Ctrl & Enter) this formuls =OR(ISNUMBER(SEARCH($B$1:$B$10,A1)))

Then filter column C for the FALSE results

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