case class Rails extends Scala with Drupal (exists: Boolean)

I like aspects of Scala, Rails, and Drupal, and would be interested in Scrupal

Scala because it's strongly typed, concise, fast, both functional & OO, and massively scalable (not to mention being the [TBD] successor to Java)

Rails because it brings together a number of sensible conventions under one roof that make web development creative and enjoyable. In a bare nutshell, MVC + Routing + ORM + Validation + REST (much more obviously, including Ruby, but in terms of the essential components)

Drupal for providing a flexible drag & drop interface that unifies content management and content display.

Now, having just read Odersky et al Programming in Scala, and discovering the ScalaQuery ORM (a JVM LINQ) and its totally SIQ future with TypeSafe, the language and ORM components of Scrupal are taken care of (why not .NET/C#/LINQ? Valid point. I prefer Linux and Mono is always a step behind and/or restricted by what they can replicate in terms of M$ latest & greatest)

As for Scala Rails (Scails), Scalatra provides routing, REST and the V(iew) with Scalate, but is missing the MC as well as the ORM. Love the lightweight simplicity but Scalatra is Sinatra, not Rails. Play 2.0 Scala version is apparently Rails inspired, but running through the documentation does not bring a sigh of relief by any means, particularly the non-ORM, ANORM. For the time being maybe Play 2.0 is the only viable Scala Rails option, will have to dig a little deeper, wish it was more DRY and concise like Scala itself.

So, assuming Scala Rails already exists, the missing link is Scala Drupal, arguably the hardest part given that it does not exist ;-) Perhaps it's a pipe dream combining Drupal's data driven Content Management Framework (CMF) with a compiled language like Scala. Are the two mutually exclusive or is it possible to create a performant data driven Scrupal? If so, how do you envision the full stack?


play is actually very neat and by the way it does not tie you to Anorm, I have used hibernate/JPA and Sienna both of which work pretty fine. it would be interesting to note what you found missing in the framework :-)

implementing something like Drupal is very possible in whatever stack you would choose! I would say go with the TypeSafe stack.

Have you looked at ? It covers REST, ORM, Validation, you can use MVC, but the more common method is view first. It also bring great comet/ajax support, security you don't have to worry about and a few other things

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