Tracing MovieClips Name

I am creating some MovieClips like so:

var AClip:A = new A();
var A2Clip:A2 = new A2();
var A3Clip:A3 = new A3();

I then put the above into an array and am trying to trace out thier "name".

for(var i:int=0;i<theArray.length;i++){

This traces


What I want to accomplish is the trace is tracing out what I "initialized" them to


Is there a way to do that? Thanks


Variable's name is not the same as MovieClip's name. You have to set its name manualy:

var AClip:A = new A();
var A2Clip:A2 = new A2();
var A3Clip:A3 = new A3(); = "AClip"; = "A2Clip"; = "A3Clip";

Then you can get their name by calling trace(theArray[i].name);

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