scala :How to read file in jar

I have directory structure like this

  • src

    • main
      • resources
        • text.txt
      • scala
        • hello
          • world.scala
    • test
      • same as main folder
  • pom.xml

When in IDE (Intellij10), I could access it with relative path ("src/main/resource/text.txt") but it seems I can not do that when I compile in jar. How to read that file ?

also, I found that test.txt is copy into root of jar. Is this normal behavior ? Since I fear this will be clash with other resources file in src/test/resources.



From -

Once the file is inside the jar, you cannot access it with standard FileReader streams since it is treated as a resource. You will need to use Class.getResourceAsStream().

The test.txt being copied into the root is not normal behavior and is probably a setting with your IDE.

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