Bash string replacing , find parent path

I wanted to do a string replacing with bash , which will find the parent path from the current running program's path.

So i tried to removing everything , from the last '/' to the end with regular expression:

echo ${0#/.*#}

But it's not working , and please don't let me use external programs , it's better getting everything with bash...

Thanks !


Do you mean something like this -

[jaypal:~/Temp] a="/Volumes/Data/jaypalsingh/Temp/file.txt"
[jaypal:~/Temp] echo ${a%/*}

So i tried to removing everything , from the last '/' to the end with regular expression:

> echo ${0#/.*#}

That is not a regular expression. Besides, you don't want the hash character (which removes a prefix), but a % sign (which removes suffix). In either case, that second hash character is not meant to be there (This is /not/ a regular expression. See the PARAMETER EXPANSION chapter in your bash manual).

You could use

echo ${a%/*}

to print the directory (but this breaks if "$a" does not contain a slash), or

echo ${a##*/}

to print the file (note the double ## to remove the longest matching prefix) (but this would break if "$a" was itself a directory and you wanted only that last component).

It's better to use the existing commands

dirname "$a"


basename "$a"

, respectively

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