WCF Async - How to use ManualResetEvent

Can any one tell me how to use 'ManualResetEvent' in a async wcf service? I have a console application which makes calls to async wcf service and I wanted to close the console app after 'oncomplete' event finishes.

If possible please provide me a sample.

Thanks in advance.


You'd write your Console App something like the following:

class Program
    static ManualResetEvent exitEvent = new ManualResetEvent(false); // Create the wait handle

    static void Main()
        using(var client = CreateYourClient())
            client.MethodCompleted += MethodCompleted;
            client.MethodAsync(); // Start method

            exitEvent.WaitOne(); // Block until the method is done...

    static void MethodCompleted(object sender, MethodCompletedEventArgs args)
       // Do your work...

       // At this point, signal that the console can close...

However, if you're just doing a single method call, it's probably better to just make it synchronous. This would only really be beneficial if you're calling multiple asynchronous methods simultaneously.

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