How easy is to break into MS Access file? How to secure it?

As person pointed out in thread it is really easy to break in into MS Access (*.accdc) file.

How people manage to do this? I know they can see the content by using hex editor.

So how do I break into such file other ways? Will people see the password to the database file if file is password protected?

I was planning to have one password for the file, and the use user name and password to encrypt all data but ID in table for security. User name and password will be entered by user.

Should I do this? If not, how can I secure my MS Access file? How do I do this by using C# code only?


To secure it, you can put the Access DB file in a secure container such as Truecrypt

You can protect the file using windows ACLs. Only allow authorized people by locking the file down to a particular list of user ids, or a windows group. Like Eric Lippert said, this won't make it totally secure, you need to decide what will be "secure enough."

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