Can't connect Ruby on Rails to remote mysql database

I'm trying to connect my rails 3 app to a mysql database hosted on a godaddy server. I am able to connect remotely using a mysql client, but not when I run the applicaton. I was able to connect on a local mysql, but when I try to connect to my remotely hosted database I get this error:

Mysql2::Error (Can't connect to MySQL server on '[host ip address]' (111))

Here is my database.yml

    adapter: mysql2
    encoding: utf8
    host: host_ip_address
    port: 3306
    database: database_name
    username: user_name
    password: password

I'm developing my application on an Ubuntu machine if that helps.


I'm guessing that, per my original comment, your remote DB is refusing connections from anything but localhost. Based on that assumption, here are two solutions:

  1. Use a ssh tunnel. There are tons of howto's for connecting over ssh tunnel, e.g.,

  2. Make sure your remote DB is accepting remote connections. Check out the accepted answer on the following stackoverflow thread Can't connect to MySQL server error 111

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