AS3 How to determine the sequence of events

I am using flex-4-tree ( in a mobile phone AIR app.

The Tree CLass:

public class Tree extends List
    dataSource.addEventListener(TreeEvent.NODE_EXPANDED, nodeExpandedHandler);
    dataSource.addEventListener(TreeEvent.NODE_COLLAPSED, nodeCollapsedHandler);

There is a menu on the main screen of the app. If the user selects a menu-item, the appropriate action is taken, but if the user expands/collapses a menu-item by selecting the expander icon, the menu-item is expanded/collapsed.

Currently the List change Event is received before the flex-4-tree Expand/Collapse Events.

I need to receive the flex-4-tree Expand/Collapse Events before the List change Event.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Set up a timer in your handler for the ListChangeEvent that defers any action for a tenth of a second. Then if you expand/contract event comes in before the timer ends, you can cancel the action for the change event. Something like this:

private var _expandEventOccurred:Boolean = false;

private function handleListChange(evt:Event):void {

    var timer:Timer = new Timer(100,1);  //100ms = 0.1s
    timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER_COMPLETE, handleListChangeTimerEvent);


private function handleExpandContract(evt:Event):void {

    _expandEventOccured = true;

    //perform whatever other actions you need for the expand/contract event


private function handleListChangeTimerEvent(evt:Event):void {

    if(_expandEventOccured) {
        _expandEventOccured = false;

    _expandEventOccured = false;  //needed here as well

    //perform whatever other actions you need for the list change event 


Not the cleanest thing in the world, but should do the trick. Hope that helps!

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