Database change are reflecting after deleting browser history

I am using C# IE 7, 8.

I have now implemented Ajax v 1.0 in my application. In the main window, there is a button to open a showdialogmodel. On opening this , I can make some modification in data entry form. Now close it. and again open this pop up. I am not able to see the changes made in database until the history is deleted. Any suggestions?


Cashing was required to remove. It solved the issue

Need Your Help

ActiveMQ/Camel send file for further processing

web-services activemq apache-camel

So I got my ActiveMQ to receive messages from another location woo hoo - happy dance going on here this morning!

Efficient method to store Python dictionary on disk?

python dictionary disk pickle

What is the most efficient method to store a Python dictionary on the disk? The only methods I know of right now are plain-text and the pickle module.

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