jackson mini json to object class

I was added "jackson-mini-1.9.2.jar"(is not "jackson-all-1.9.2.jar") in my project, I want to convert json to object class.

Use "jackson-all-1.9.2.jar",we can use "ObjectMapper" to get it. but use "jackson-mini-1.9.2.jar",How to do it?

If I write the follow code"

    String json = "{\"name\" : {\"first\" : \"Joe\", \"last\" : \"Sixpack\" }, \"gender\" : \"MALE\",   \"verified\" : false,   \"userImage\" : \"Rm9vYmFyIQ==\" }";
    JsonFactory f = new JsonFactory();
    JsonParser jp = f.createJsonParser(json);

    User user = jp.readValueAs(User.class);

The result is like that:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: No ObjectCodec defined for the parser, can not deserialize JSON into Java objects at org.codehaus.jackson.JsonParser.readValueAs(Unknown Source) at TestJackson.main(TestJackson.java:21)


You can implement your own ObjectCodec and then register it with the JsonFactory by calling JsonFactory#setCodec(myCodec).

Or (much easier!), just get hold of jackson-mapper-1.9.2.jar and add it to your classpath, so that you can use the default ObjectMapper.

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