Error When Trying To Save PHP File In TextWrangler (or attempting to Enable PHP)

I am trying to save a PHP file in TextWrangler and it keeps giving me the error:

You do not have sufficient privileges to perform this operation (MacOS Error code: -5000)

I've also tried to enable PHP by opening the file:

Macintosh HD:private:etc:apache2:httpd.conf

and editing the appropriate file but I get the same error message. Why would I be prevented from making these changes on my computer? I was assuming it would prompt me for a password but it just gave me the error. Thanks.


I found out what the answer is.

I purchased TextWrangler from the Mac App Store and the version from the App Store does not allow authenticated saves in order to meet the App Store submission guidelines (I don't know the specifics exactly).

The one that should be download is:

Thanks for the help guys!

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