what does following sql code do?

guys i have seen following code in internet

select round(abs(months_between(sysdate,add_months(hire_date,12*(round((months_between(sysdate,hire_date)/12)))))))
from employees

unfortunately there was not enough information if what does it do,i have run this command in my oracle 11.g database,and seen if of numbers,like 6,5,4,7,3,2


like this ,please i know functions,just can't determine it's usage here,what represent this numbers?please help me


Working from the inside out:-

round( (months_between(  sysdate,  hire_date)   /12)

Gets the number of complete years the employee has been employed

  add_months( hire_date,12 * (years calculated above )

Gets the date the employee completed n complete years since being employed

round(abs(months_between( sysdate, date employee completed n years )

Gets the number of months till the next full year of employment.

No idea why!

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