Input type “color”?

I checked out some input type from HTML5 and I found out that the chrome support for the input type color doesn't work. My chrome version is 15.0.874.121 and the w3schools site says that it's supported since the version 12 :

My question is just : why that doesn't work for me? Is it a regression of the HTML5 support in Chrome?


I’ve got standalone versions of Chrome for testing (see, and neither Chrome 12, 13 or 15 seem to support <input type="color"> — they all just show a text field. (As opposed to Opera 11, which shows a colour picker.)

The Reddit article linked to in @WebDeveloper’s answer says that reports Chrome 12 as supporting field validation on <input type="color">. This is true — does report that for Chrome 12 (and doesn’t for Chrome 15), but I’m not sure what that actually means.

w3school is not a official doc. It has lot of errors. It's partially right though in this case. Just see this site

As far as input type color is supported check this

Following browsers now supports color widget

Firefox 29

Opera Desktop 11

Chrome Desktop 20:

Android 4.4 / Chrome Mobile :

Opera mobile:


Firefox os 1.3

Firefox os now supports color input but i still don't have a screen shot

This link/info is now old

Chrome 12: partial (minimal element support: yes, custom ui: no, value sanitization: no, field validation: yes)     
Safari 5.0.1: partial(minimal element support: yes, custom ui: no, value sanitization: no,field validation: yes)     
Opera 11.50: partial (minimal element support: yes, custom ui: yes, value sanitization: yes, field validation: no)    
IE 9: No
Firefox 5: No 

If u want u can use this

<input type="color" /> is currently in development and is not yet implemented.


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