How to wait until mutex unlocked?

There is an array of mutexes. My function:

  1. Checks is a mutex is locked

2a. If not, then locks it

2b. If locked, wait for unlocking and locks it

Another function unlocks it.

The problem is that I got crash in the waiting section:

HANDLE mutexes[N];

void func(int i)
  // (*) wait until unlocked or create if unlocked
  while ((mutexes[i] = CreateMutex(NULL, TRUE/*same with FALSE*/, NULL)) != NULL);
  /*or WaitForSingleObject(mutexes[i], INFINITE)*/

  mutexes[i] = CreateMutex(NULL, TRUE, NULL);

At (*) point i got crash - access violation. Crash occurs when it's trying to create mutexes[i] which is already have been created previously. I can't use WaitForSingleObject because at first time mutexes[i] isn't created and docs says WaitForSingleObject is undefined. Also if i use this function i get the same crash.

All i need is the analog of such simple pseudocode

if (mutex_has_been_created[mutexes[i]])

I tried to wrap it in a critical section and got same result. I'm sure that i is within correct range. I can't use Boost/pThreads/etc.

I know that my problem is quite easy, but i can't find the solution. In all examples i've seen a mutex is created before WaitForSingleObject, this doesn't work for me.

Thank you.


You really need to sort out the logic of your code: the creation of mutexes and the locking/unlocking are distinct operations and should be treated as such. Frankly, all this business of "trying to create mutexes which already have been created" does not make a whole lot of sense.


  1. CreateMutex initializes ("creates") the mutex.
  2. WaitForSingleObject et al lock the mutex (or time out).
  3. ReleaseMutex unlocks it.
  4. CloseHandle destroys it.

You create/destroy the mutex once and in between lock/unlock it as many times as you want.

When you try to lock a mutex that's already locked by someone else, your thread automatically blocks until the mutex becomes available.

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