SQL Group by Count of Counts

This is my script

SELECT COUNT( [Id]) as [Count Of Register],
Tag as [Tag]
FROM [Members]
Group By Tag 
Order By [Count Of Register] Desc;

Returned table is like this:

Count   Tag

550 ----1
550 ----2
545 ----3
545 ----4
545 ----5

So, this time I need Count of Tag, Group by this new Count field.

Some Returned Values Like:

2 ---550
3 ---545

Is there any way without using new table or Template Table or any Storage Table just by query?


SELECT [Count Of Register], COUNT(1) [Grouped Count]
    SELECT COUNT( [Id]) as [Count Of Register],
           Tag as [Tag]
    FROM [Members]
    Group By Tag 

) MyTable
GROUP BY [Count Of Register]

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