Paste Value all the cells in a given sheet if Cell has Vlookup formula..


I have a sheet to send other people but i cannot send 2011.xls because it contains secret information. How can i copy-paste value all the cells in that sheet ("Centers") which has a formula like =VLOOKUP(VALUE($B$100);INDIRECT or contains VLOOKUP ?

Normally i would break link but because i have linked the table array with Indirect its not seen as a link


This procedure loops through all cells on the sheet and changes all VLOOKUP formulas to values:

Sub RemoveVlookupFormulas()
    Dim rng As Range
    With Worksheets("Centers")
        For Each rng In .UsedRange
            If rng.Formula Like "*VLOOKUP*" Then rng.Formula = rng.Value
        Next rng
    End With
End Sub

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