how can I find the owner of a facebook app ID?

A while back I created an app ID on facebook and added the appropriate meta data to a website. I now want to continue adding facebook-related features to the site, but it seems the app is not related to my account afterall.

I must have created it under a different account or something, but how can I find who the owner is based on an App ID? I have existing likes, so I don't really want to change the App ID. I don't see any way in the UI, and I do not see the app when I go to the Developer app. Is there a way to do it using the Graph API?


EDIT (Jan 2013)

Looks like Facebook have removed app profile pages so that method no longer works.

Option 1 You could return the app object, which stores all the populated information about the app by requesting:

Option 2 (This method no longer works) Or, you could visit the app's profile page and contact the developer directly using the 'contact developer' link:

(you'll need to replace xxxxxxxxxxx with your app id)

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