SQL - Determine the most frequently occuring words within a column

Is there an easy way of determining the most frequently occuring word in a column/field using T-SQL or VBA?

I am working on a fuzzy matching system for two given recordsets and would like to produce a matching string where the most frequently occuring words are removed. As the data is from a customer relations management database terms like "limited", "ltd", "plc" and "CORPORATION" would be removed.


Written for sql-server 2005+

Function to split:

create function f_split
  @a varchar(max), 
  @delimiter varchar(20)
RETURNS @t TABLE(substr varchar(200))
set @a = @a + @delimiter
;with a as
  select cast(1 as bigint) f1, charindex(@delimiter, @a) f2
  where len(@a) > 0
  union all
  select f2 + (len(@delimiter)) + 1, charindex(@delimiter, @a, f2+1)
  from a
  where f2 > 0
insert @t
select substring(@a, f1, f2 - f1) from a
where f1 < f2


declare @table table(name varchar(50))

insert @table values('bla bla bla ltd')
insert @table values('bla plc ltd')
insert @table values('more text CORPORATION')

declare @matchlist table(name varchar(50), replacement varchar(50))
insert @matchlist values('ltd', 'limited')
insert @matchlist values('plc', 'limited')
insert @matchlist values('CORPORATION', 'limited')

select coalesce(m.replacement, a.substr) name, count(*) count from @table p
cross apply
  select substr from 
  dbo.f_split(p.name, ' ')
) a
left join
@matchlist m
on a.substr = m.name
group by coalesce(m.replacement, a.substr)
order by 2 desc


name  count
----  -----
bla       4
limited   4
more      1
text      1

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