Use value from backing bean in javascript

What I want is to use a boolean value from (Jboss configuration file) in my javascript.

Currently I use Spring to inject a value configured in into my backingbean. Then I put an output text in my jsp like this

<h:outputText id="idValue" styleClass="foo" value="" rendered="#{bean.isRendered}"/>

In my JavaScript I try following

     bRedirect = jQuery(".foo").value != undefined;

All this looks so terrible to me, even though it works fine. There must be a smarter way than doing what I do.

Note that I am running JSF1.2 and therefore must use jQuery instead of $ and also select by unique class (foo) and not by id, which may be bad practice as well.

Thank you in advance. alfons


Assuming the function is to be called whenever part is rendered you can embed just your function call in the template:

<script type="text/javascript">

and myFunction definition resides in .js file not processed by JSF. I can't see why you are unable to use $ to address jQuery object in such scenario.

If the function is to be called as a result of some interaction you can make it part of onclick/oblur etc attribute of your JSF component.

You can also embed entire function in the script tag but I think it's better to separate JavaScript logic from your templates.

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