PHP jquery data passing to object

Can someone please explain to me how the data passed to jquery object, so it's then accessible from jquery.


PHP script:

// $isrc variable is added by me to existing grid..
    $isrc = isrc();
    $grid->isrc = $isrc;

object declared in js:

$.fn.loadGrid = function(user_opts) {
        return this.each(function() {

            // setup DEFAULT options
            var opts = $.extend({
                order_by : "",          // sql order by
            var $grid = $(this);
            ..some stuff to do....
    ... some additional function to call....

so how do i access $isrc data? calling it after:

        var $grid = $(this);
        var isrc = $;

comes back as unidentified...

sorry i'm quite new to object oriented programming, although i did study Java and VB few years ago..

or at lease give me a link to a tutorial re subject?..


You have to pass the value from PHP to jQuery then do whatever you want with it. You want to echo the value in php (Ideally in a JSON format). Then use jQuery $.ajax to call the page, get the data and then do whatever you want with it in javascript.

Here are some easy to follow Video tutorials for PHP & jQuery. It covers EVERYTHING from the basics to more advanced concepts including OOP.

Best of all.. They are FREE! <-- PHP Tutorials (200 Part Series) <-- jQuery Tutorials (200 Part Series)

If you go over these and learn from them. You will be able to do almost ANYTHING with PHP & jQuery.

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