Spring MVC 3.0 CRUD application using annotation and jdbc template

I want to create a new application in Spring MVC, before start it, I want to learn how to use Spring MVC with annotations and JDBC template. I search many blogs and tutorials about that, but they are pretty much confusing as well.

Hopefully somebody could give me a good link where I could learn step by step for the annotation driven spring mvc application.


Have a look at following series:

Both have a git/svn repositories with working and complete code, so if you can't find something in article you may read the code :-)

Also I can't see any problems with using JDBC templates: it's just a way how you are implementing your DAO and nothing more. All other code interacts with DAO by interface and know nothing about implementation.

Very helpfull for me is to separate code to different layers which of them interacts between each other, like in this picture:

(image stolen from http://www.captaindebug.com)

Spring provides even special annotations to allow grouping classes to layers. They are: @Controller for controllers, @Service for classes with business logic and @Repository for marking your DAOs.

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