Ant propertyregex behaving strangely

I have the following:

<propertyregex property="myProp" input="${someInput}"
               replace="-f -d '\1'"

The intention of the propertyregex is to take the value of someInput and put it within single qoutes and prepend it with the -f and -d flags. If I set someInput to myString, the result that I expect would be:

-f -d 'myString'

but i get:

-f -d 'myString'-f -d ''

Can anyone explain where the trailing -f -d '' comes from?


The regex matches twice. Once it matches the entire string, and then it matches the empty string at the end of the string (since the asterisk allows zero-length matches).


<propertyregex property="myProp" input="${someInput}"
               replace="-f -d '\0'"

(\0 contains the entire match, so you also don't need the capturing parentheses).

See also this question.

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