Bash: Getting input from a manifest

Is it possible too have a manifest file with directory strings, fx.





Lets call this file

then i have a bash code where i want too use the directory structure defined in

could be

cat %first entry in > crap.txt
cat %second entr in >> crap.txt

hoping for you're help, ask further questions if you don't understand my question :=)



What you are trying to do can be done with a for loop or a simple find, e.g.:

for f in */*css ; do
    cat $f >> OUTPUT.file
find Somedir/ -iname '*.css' -exec cat \{\} >> OUTPUT.file \;

But if you want to use a config (manifest) file, you can source it in your script, but that way you must use proper (bash) syntax in the config as well e.g. the file list should be in an array, etc, like this "manifest.file" file contents:

export cssfiles=('SomeDIR/crap0.css' 'SomeDIR/crap1.css' 'SomeDIR/crap2.css')
export jsfiles=('SomeDIR/crap0.js' 'SomeDIR/crap1.js' 'SomeDIR/crap2.js'

And in your script:

source /whatever/path/to/manifest.file
# ... then process those variables  
for elem in  ${cssfiles[*]} ; do
    cat $elem >> OUTPUTFILE
# and
for elem in  ${jsfiles[*]} ; do
    cat $elem >> ANOTHER_OUTPUTFILE

If you need that specific format for your manifest file you can still write some awk||sed||grep scripts to extract the proper lists.


If your file names really contain numbers, you can just

for i in {0..2} ; do
    grep crap$i'\.' >> crap.txt

If not, I'd use some more advanced language like Perl.

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