Search functionality like the one here on stackoverflow's Users page

I need to built a search functionality like the one here on StackOverflow's Users page, where users are always sorted by their scores but may be filtered by the typing in a part of the name.

My application has been built in Java using a NoSQL database. Could you suggest what tools may be appropriate for this implementation.

Would it be good if I retrieve all usernames matching the query and then sort them by the scores at the application level, at each request of user ? Then there would be a lot of unneccessary retrievals, & may be performance issues as well.

Are there some better ways perhaps by maintaining an already sorted list (sorted by names as well as by reputation)?

Also, great, if someone can tell about how SO actually does this ?


jquery + ajax (for search) + lucene (to index content and search)

Try datatables. But you will need to work on UI part.

I agree with aishwarya, is it good idea to use Apache Lucene It provides a lot's of features such as: wildcards, fielded searching, term/field/document weights, find-similar, spell-checking, multi-lingual search and more

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