How can (byte)Convert.ToChar(anyStringOfLengthOne) possibly throw an error?

We have this rather simple code in a project:

string input = "Any string";
for (int i = 0; i < input.Length; i++)
    string stringOfLengthOne = input.Substring(i, 1);
    byte value = (byte)Convert.ToChar(stringOfLengthOne);
    if (value == someValue)
        // do something

The input is a string with characters usually read from a file that need to be processed depending on their byte value.

Unfortunately, we do not have the chance to debug this process step-by-step, we just need to make an educated guess what kind of string could cause


in the code above to throw an "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow" error.

My thinking is that as soon as I have a string, it should always be possible to 1. pick a char and 2. convert it to a byte. Yet the error occurs.

Any ideas, hints? Or can someone even provide a string that throws this kind of error?


Characters in .Net are 16 bits (short/ushort) in length.

The default project settings for C# means that the cast would work and will just ignore the higher bits for any character that is larger than 255, i.e. like using (byte) (c & 0xff).

However, if you are using checked arithmetic, trying to cast a char that is greater than 255 will result in an ArithmeticOverflowExcetion.

The default setting for arithmetic can be set to checked/unchecked in the project's build settings.


char c = (char) 300;
byte b = unchecked ((byte) c);
Console.WriteLine (b);

// Result: 44

char c = (char) 300;
byte b = checked ((byte) c);
Console.WriteLine (b);

// Result: ArithmeticOverflowExcetion


Alternativly, you could compare the characters directly.

For example to test if a character is 0-9

char c = input[i];
if (c >= '0' && c <= '9') {
    // do something

You can even compare a char to an int

char c = input[i];
if (c >= 48 && c <= 57) {
    // do something

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