Skipping web-pages with extension pdf, zip from crawling in Anemone

I am developing crawler using anemone gem (Ruby- 1.8.7 and Rails 3.1.1). How should I skip web-pages with extensions pdf, doc, zip, etc. from crawling/downloading.


ext = %w(flv swf png jpg gif asx zip rar tar 7z gz jar js css dtd xsd ico raw mp3 mp4 wav wmv ape aac ac3 wma aiff mpg mpeg avi mov ogg mkv mka asx asf mp2 m1v m3u f4v pdf doc xls ppt pps bin exe rss xml)

Anemone.crawl(url) do |anemone|

    anemone.skip_links_like /\.#{ext.join('|')}$/



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