use IDs instead of instances to create new objects with foreign keys

I want to create a new Django ORM object with three foreign keys. I got the IDs of the foreign rows already, and I mean - that's all I need to fill the foreign key columns in my new row, right? However, I don't seem able to create the new row without hitting the DB three times to instantiate objects out of those IDs.

So what I need to do:

foreign_object = models.ForeignObject.get(pk=foreign_object_id)
a = models.Object1.get_or_create(f = foreign_object)

What I'd like to do:

a = models.Object1.get_or_create(f_id = foreign_object_id)

f_id however is not a field Django recognizes. If I just assign foreign_object_id to f (I think I recall this works in some cases), Django complains that it wants a ForeignObject instance instead of an int.

Any way to do this?


You need to use the double-underscore notation in this case


a = models.Object1.get_or_create(f__pk=foreign_object_id)

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