How do I get a counter fo a rails 3 “each do” loop?

how do i add a counter to a .each loop? Any easy way of doing this? I tried the below but it does not seem to work. Thanks!

<% @album.each do |e| %>
   <%= e %> #my_counter_does_not_work :)
   <%= link_to, :controller => "images", :action => "album", :album_id =>, :album_name => %>
<% end %>


Use each_with_index : the index will automatically be your counter (but note it starts at 0 and not 1):

<% @album.each_with_index do |e, index| %>
  <%= link_to, :controller => "images", :action => "album", :album_id =>, :album_name => %>
<% end %>

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