C++ Windows: Saving the line of an edit control into a vector of TCHAR

The following code works fine:

int iLength = SendMessage(hWndEdit, EM_LINELENGTH, 0, 0);
if(iLength > 0) {
    TCHAR* szBuffer = new TCHAR[iLength+1];
    iLength = SendMessage(hWndEdit, EM_GETLINE, 0, (LPARAM)szBuffer);
    szBuffer[iLength] = TEXT('\0');
    MessageBox(hWnd, szBuffer, TEXT("Edit content"), MB_OK);
    delete[] szBuffer;

Now I want to do the same thing using std::vector<TCHAR>:

int iLength = SendMessage(hWndEdit, EM_LINELENGTH, 0, 0);
if(iLength > 0) {
    std::vector<TCHAR> data(iLength+1, TEXT('\0'));
    iLength = SendMessage(hWndEdit, EM_GETLINE, 0, (LPARAM)&data[0]);
    MessageBox(hWnd, &data[0], TEXT("Edit content"), MB_OK);

It compiles, but at iLength = SendMessage(hWndEdit, EM_GETLINE, 0, (LPARAM)&data[0]); the variable iLength will always be set to 0, and, accordingly, nothing will have been written into my vector.

What is the problem here? Thanks in advance.


From the documentation:

A pointer to the buffer that receives a copy of the line. Before sending the message, set the first word of this buffer to the size, in TCHARs, of the buffer.

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