JavaScript Regex pull out only a number in an element

How would one go about pulling out just a number in the text of an element? I want to set this as a variable.

ie. If I wanted to have a variable made from option val 171 of the number 12 so I can do calculations with it (I just want to be left with the number 12):

<select id="coloroption">
 <option value="172">Granite Gray</option>
 <option value="174">Hot Red</option>
 <option value="173">Navy</option>
 <option value="171">Kentucky Green (min. 12)</option>


var number = $('#coloroption option[value="171"]').text().match(/\d+/);

Live demo. Depending on the possible values of this option and what you need to extract from it, the regex might need tweaking.

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