Which WPF Layout and Controls Should I Use for a Storyboard Effect

I want to create a layout that has small panels at the top and bottom and then a main panel in the center that fills the remainder of the window. The main window should have the functionality of a tab panel but instead of simple tabs I want the tab pages to slide on and off the screen. It will be like one large storyboard that slides back and forth and only displays one scene at a time.

So lets assume there are 4 tab pages. Initially the first page will be visible, the 2nd page will be directly off the screen to the right, the 3rd page will be 2 pages off the screen to the right and the 4th page will be 3 pages off the screen to the right. When the user clicks to see the 3rd tab page the layout will slide left 2 pages. Then if the user clicks to see page 1 again, the page will slide back right 2 pages.

The window needs to be resizeable, so I can't use fixed sizes and offset.

Do I just need to use a StackPanel and programmatically set width, height, and position or is there something built-in that I can use?


Hrrrm the first idea that comes to mind is use a ScrollViewer and hide the ScrollBars.

You could then display all your items in a StackPanel in the ScrollViewer, and when you want to scroll an item into view, simply animate the ScrollViewer's position so it smoothly scrolls to the specified item.

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