How to use Spring Autowired (or manually wired) in Scala object?

I am trying to use Spring with Scala. I know Autowired works with Scala class, but I am using a web-framework that requires an object and I want to inject a dao into it. I wonder how to do this? Sorry, I am quite new to Scala, thanks in advance.

    object UserRest extends RestHelper {
        val userRepository: UserRepository = null;


         <bean id="userRest" class="" >
              <!--- this is my attempt to manually wire it --->
              <property name="userRepository" ref="userRepository"/>


Basically, you have two problems:

  • Property should be mutable, i.e. var rather than val

  • All methods of Scala object are static, whereas Spring expects instance methods. Actually Scala creates a class with instance methods named UserRest$ behind the scene, and you need to make its singleton instance UserRest$.MODULE$ available to Spring. Spring can apply configuration to preexisting singleton instances, but they should be returned by a method, whereas UserRest$.MODULE$ is a field. Thus, you need to create a method to return it.

So, something like this should work:

object UserRest extends RestHelper {
   var userRepository: UserRepository = null;

   def getInstance() = this


<bean id="userRest" 
    factory-method = "getInstance">
    <property name="userRepository" ref="userRepository"/>

You can replace <property> with @Autowired, but cannot replace manual bean declaration with @Service due to problems with singleton instance described above.

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