Can't Access My Extension Method

Looking for a way to check if an string contains in another ignoring upper/lower case, I found it:

Works fine. Then, I tried put it to my StringExtensions namespace.

namespace StringExtensions

    public static class StringExtensionsClass

        public static bool Contains(this string target, string toCheck, StringComparison comp)
            return target.IndexOf(toCheck, comp) >= 0;

and then:

using StringExtensions;


if (".. a".Contains("A", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))

but I get the following error:

No overload for method 'Contains' takes '2' arguments

How do I fix it?


When you want to use your extension, add this using statement:

using StringExtensions;

Because of the way Extension methods are declared, visual studio won't find them by itself, and the regular Contains method takes one argument, hence your exception.

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