Add span's with click events via jQuery

I am trying to add spans to a div via jquery. These spans should have an onclick event. The spans seem to be added, but the newly created elements' click events don't fire. I'm worthless at jQuery and am not sure what I'm missing. Any help is appreciated.

Here is some relevant code:

<script type='text/javascript'>
     $('#Match .WordSpan').click(function() {
          $('#Match').append('<span>me too!</span><br/>').html();

<input type="text" id="WordInput"  />
<div id="Match">
     <span class="WordSpan">click me!</span><br />

I have it in a fiddle here.

What I am hoping the code will do is, after clicking on the hard coded "click me" span, another span will be added below. When clicked, that span will add another, saecula saeculorum.

Where have I blown it?


Using delegate performs better than using live:

$('#Match').delegate('span.WordSpan', 'click', function() {
    $('#Match').append('<span>me too!</span><br/>');

If using jquery 1.7+ then use on instead of delegate. jsFiddle example

Try this:

$('#Match .WordSpan').live('click', function()....


I also removed those random html()'s at the ends. not sure why you had those there...

Starting in jQuery 1.7, do this:

 $('#Match').on('click','.WordSpan',function() {
      $(this).append('<span class="WordSpan">me too!</span><br/>');

before 1.7 (but on or after 1.4.2 as noted by @Greg Pettit) do this:

 $('#Match').delegate('.WordSpan','click',function() {
      $(this).append('<span class="WordSpan">me too!</span><br/>');

Also, instead of using a <br>, perhaps you could take care of that in your CSS, or by using an element other than span.

If you do that, you could use this form of creating elements:

$('<span>',{className:'WordSpan',text:'me too!'}).appendTo(this);

jQuery has built in optimizations for creating elements this way.

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