z-index issue, image overlaping div

Somehow I can't see to make it work..

I'm trying to send the picture to the back, this is just an example, I'm generating a graph on the fly with one of our BI programs, unfortunately the png that it generates is to big compared to the actual data, so I want to send the white remaining space to the back, however it overlaps the div border, I've been trying to prevent this with zindex property, but I can't get it done, some help will be highly appreciated, I'm open to any css or jquery solution. The image on the fiddle is just an example of a picture overlaping the border.


Does anyone has an advice on how to send the picture to the back ?


add overflow:hidden; to the #utilitiesContainer. That will solve the problem. Check here, I hope that's what you ask for.

Check here, if you're interested more on the overflow property.

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