Mass data insert into SQL Server?

I've got 8 worksheets within an Excel workbook that I'd like to import into separate tables within a SQL Server DB.

I'd like to import each of the 8 worksheets into a separate table, ideally, with table names coinciding with worksheet tab names, but initially, I just want to get the data into the tables, so arbitrary table names work for the time being too.

The format of the data in each of the worksheets (and tables by extension) is the same (and will be identical), so I'm thinking some kind of loop could be used to do this.

Data looks like this:

Universe    Date        Symbol      Shares  MktValue    Currency
SMALLCAP    6/30/2011   000360206   27763   606361.92   USD
SMALLCAP    6/30/2011   000361105   99643   2699407.52  USD
SMALLCAP    6/30/2011   00081T108   103305  810926.73   USD
SMALLCAP    6/30/2011   000957100   57374   1339094.76  USD

And table format in SQL would/should be consistent with the following:

CREATE TABLE dbo.[market1] (
[Universe_ID] char(20),
[AsOfDate] smalldatetime,
[Symbol] nvarchar(20),
[Shares] decimal(20,0),
[MktValue] decimal(20,2),
[Currency] char(3)

I'm open to doing this using either SQL/VBA/C++ or some combination (as these are the languages I know and have access to). Any thoughts on how to best go about this?


You could use SSIS or DTS packages to import them. Here are a couple references to get you going.

Creating a DTS Package - pre 2005

Creating a SSIS Package - 2005 forward

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