Protobuf-C Compilation Issue

I'm feeling a bit thick, but when I run through even basic examples provided on, I keep getting the following build errors:

/tmp/cc19catp.o: In function `main':
packit.c:(.text+0x13): undefined reference to `amessage__descriptor'
packit.c:(.text+0xb6): undefined reference to `amessage__get_packed_size'
packit.c:(.text+0xdb): undefined reference to `amessage__pack'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I'm compiling with the following command:

gcc -o pack -lprotobuf-c packit.c

Anyone else have this problem? I feel I'm missing something basic.


gcc -o pack packit.c amessage.pb-c.c -lprotobuf-c

You must compile and link the proto-c-generated code.

Also, in general, when foo depends on bar, foo should precede bar in the linker command.

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