How can I repair a git repository with a missing object?

My development repository at some point lost an object.

$ git fsck
fatal: failed to read object 2dddc84156fa30e4614a7ea5a1895885011b8db8: Invalid argument
$ git cat-file -t 2dddc84156fa30e4614a7ea5a1895885011b8db8
error: unable to find 2dddc84156fa30e4614a7ea5a1895885011b8db8
fatal: git cat-file 2dddc84156fa30e4614a7ea5a1895885011b8db8: bad file

A freshly cloned repository has that object.

$ git cat-file -t 2dddc84156fa30e4614a7ea5a1895885011b8db8

I would like to keep my development repository, it has unpushed branches and stashes.

How can I patch that object into my broken repository?


What you can try, is to get the file .git/objects/2d/ddc84156fa30e4614a7ea5a1895885011b8db8 from the freshly cloned repository and copy it to your development repo ...

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