Assemble a db query from GET requests

I'm trying to assemble a query from values supplied through GET requests, is this at all possible? Here's an example of what I'm hoping to do:

def kml(request):
    venues = Venue.objects.filter(
        (Q(neighborhood__city__metro__slug=request.GET.get('metro')) if request.GET.get('metro')),
        (Q(neighborhood__slug=request.GET.get('neighborhood')) if request.GET.get('metro'))
    return HttpResponse(venues)

Basically, if I go to it'd return all Venue objects for that Metropolitan Area. If I only supply the neighborhood, it'd return all venues for any neighborhood named Soho. Finally, would supply any venue meeting both the Metropolitan Area and Neighborhood criteria.

Is this possible?

ps. Is this essentially what an REST api does? Am I better off trying to use Piston, TastyPie, or Django-REST?


Django query api is chainable, so you can do this:

def kml(request):
    venues = Venue.objects

    if request.GET.get('metro'):
       venues = venues.filter((Q(neighborhood__city__metro__slug=request.GET.get('metro')))

     if request.GET.get('metro')
        venues = venues.filter(Q(neighborhood__slug=request.GET.get('neighborhood')) )

     # and so on...

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