error php and mysql

<?php do { ?>
   if(isset($row['website']) && !empty($row['website']))
    echo '<a href="'.$row['website'].'" target="_self\">'.$row['name'].''.$row['publisher'].'</a>';
} else {
    echo .$row['name'].$row['publisher'];

<?php } while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($rowDetails)); ?>

I am getting syntax error which i cannot find can somebody help me?


$row['name'] instead of $row['name].

Also, you can write this code like that:

if (isset($row['website']) && !empty($row['website']))
    echo '<a href="'.$row['website'].'" target="_self\">'.$row['name].$row['publisher'].'</a>';
    echo $row['name'].$row['publisher'];

Or better:

echo (isset($row['website']) && !empty($row['website'])) ?
    '<a href="'.$row['website'].'" target="_self\">'.$row['name].$row['publisher'].'</a>' :

You are missing a closing single quote here -->$row['name]

It should be $row['name']

Also, read up on the empty function, it will not work on referenced array members; it only works on variables.


You also have an issue in your else block --> echo .$row['name']...

You need to remove the '.' before $row.

Don't use so many statements. Php is a scripting language and compiles on the fly (assuming no APC or caching), by having so many open and closing php statements you are giving Php more work to do for nothing.

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