Elegant ways of avoiding numerous code changes in the following legacy code

In some legacy code, there are hundreds of occurrences of the following code snippets:

myObj.ReportGenerator.Preview = reportingObj.PreviewDocument;

... whereas both the "ReportGenerator" and the "ReportingObj" are instances of a third party library and therefore not modifyable.

This code did work well under Windows XP, but running the program in Windows 7 does require the following additional line of code:

myObj.ReportGenerator.Preview = reportingObj.PreviewDocument;

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of occurences of this piece of code all of the code base, and manually searching for them sounds like quite error-prone a process.

As "ReportGenerator" and "reportingObj" are third party, I cannot change their getter / setter.

What are elegant ways of approaching such an issue?


You could wrap ReportingObj in a class of your own in which you just delegate to the original ReportingObj, but for the PreviewDocument property check to see if Render() was called and if not call it - something like this:

public Foo PreviewDocument
        if (!_rendered)
            _rendered = true;
        return _originalreportingObj.PreviewDocument;

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