How can I run a program hundreds of times using Python?

I have a program which I need to call more than 100 times with different values.

I want to do it simultaneously that is not wait for one call to complete and then to start again.

How can I achieve it ?

Is multithreading the solution to it.

I am using python for it.


You can do this with the subprocess module. Here is an example that runs the sleep command a hundred times, with a sleep value between 0 and 10 seconds. It runs them all in parallel and then exits when they all finish.

import subprocess
import time

bin_path = 'sleep'
invocation_args = [[str(x*0.1)] for x in range(0,100)]

subprocs = []
for args in invocation_args:
    subprocs.append(subprocess.Popen([bin_path] + args))

while len(subprocs) > 0:
    subprocs = [p for p in subprocs if p.poll() is None]

print 'Finished running all subprocs'

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