How to start up with JSF and Eclipse

I have started learning JSF from JavaServer Faces 2.0 The Complete Reference. Sadly there is no reference regarding how to set up JSF with Eclipse Indigo and all the information I could find is either dated or inaccurate.

I downloaded the JSF Library from here . I know that I can simply put this library in the WEB-INF/lib but I know that there is a method to link these two together. What am I missing?


Try the tutorials from this link, they will definitely get you started well.

and ofcourse

One i thing i would definitely recommend is this book:

Core Java Server Faces

I actually just finished reading the newest edition and the book is so thorough. Everything from setting up your workbench to sending emails, persistence and Web Services. The authors use Eclipse as their IDE choice (cant recall which version though). Highly recommended read for a JSF dev!

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It might be repeating question but did not find any solution after search of whole day.

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